The strength of steel

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Some industrial sectors provide for the processing of products and also their final packaging in humid environments and / or in the presence of corrosive agents, sometimes even in cold rooms where temperatures reach many degrees below zero. In these extreme cases, you have to rely on special machines, able to withstand these hostile environments. […]

How to Choose a Wrapping Machine

A Simple Guideline Packaging is an established requirement for the protection of the product for handling, locking of unstable products arranged on pallets, protection of the product from atmospheric agents and any situation which requires the use of stretch film to wrap the product. Types of packaging are various: Effe3Ti deals mainly with wrapping, shrink in […]

Manually wrapping is not cheap

Attending a fair is the best opportunity to meet customers and dealers, learn about problems, see what’s new. Normally during the fairs we entertain ourselves with many people and met many different realities. There are always a lot of requests arriving at the fair and often one of the common “problems” of our customers is […]

The importance of setting

When a customer buys a wrapping machine, automatic or semi-automatic, there are some things that are very important to know. In EFFE3ti we ask many questions precisely to get into the “problem” as much as possible and to be sure to produce a machine or plant that perfectly meets the customer’s needs. The parameters that […]

More and more Spinny in new zealand

The New Zealand food industry relies on Sealed Air’s packaging solutions to keep food safe and minimize waste. In the distribution center of Te Rapa, where up to 70 pallets of packaging are shipped every day, the wrapping operations are entrusted to a new Spinny S140. Sealed Air is a multinational company with over 25,000 […]

Rotating table and scale without increasing thickness

With the new semi-automatic wrapping machine we give weight to your products You can’t see the difference … but it is there. The increasingly important need to weigh the product has prompted Effe3Ti to create an integrated system of wrapping and weighing machine with display in the same space as a normal table wrapping machine. […]

Spinny S140 in a brewery

On a normal day, Tuatara Brewery (NZ) bottles, labels and packages 7,000 liters of its award-winning beer. Eliminating manual winding work has eased the pressure at the end of the line. When Michael Bailey started as a warehouse worker at the Kapiti Coast Brewery, he wrapped pallets by hand, a process he describes as “a […]

Save stretch film up to 400%

A great feeling to take a step forward in your work and realize you are saving even if you have increased your performance! A sensation that can be experienced by choosing our MOTORIZED PRE-STRETCH. Available for practically the whole range of table or rotating arm wrapping machines, it is the best solution to save stretch […]

Fewer steps = less effort

The steps, in a working day in a large supermarket or warehouse, cannot be counted. Try to think of who takes care of the shelves: filling, emptying, recovering empty packaging, … it is certainly kilometers! AutoLoadBaler, with its integrated trolley system, allows you to retrieve all empty packaging at once and not only: there is […]

Refrigerated Transport

Managing fast food products is a job that requires speed and safety A customer is responsible for the storage, distribution and transportation of products for the largest fast food group in New Zealand and needs to speed up the pallet packaging process to support the growing workload. Traditionally, the wrapping has always been done by […]