Automatic Pallet Dispenser

Automation is one of the keys to improving efficiency. The Pallet Dispenser automates the storage of pallets and relieves the operator from manual handling.

It can become a natural part of the work cycle in the production department, in the warehouse, in the shipping department. In short, wherever there is a need to store and move pallets.

With attention to the environment and energy, the machine works in AC and requires a simple 230V socket. It can be used with manual or electric pallet trucks and with forklifts. All maneuvers are carried out at ground level.

The machine is equipped with a sensor that identifies the presence of pallets and takes care of the loading or unloading in a completely automatic way.

It can be used with all types of pallets: wood, plastic and metal, and can be customized to any size.


  • Efficiency improvement
  • Space optimization and cleaning
  • Workplace improvement
  • Reduction of pallets management costs
  • Elimination of manual handling
  • Relieves operator fatigue in stacking and picking up pallets
  • Reduction in accidents and absences from work


Available in various models and in the STAND ALONE and INLINE versions