TP-702NL Automatic Strapping Machine


Fully automatic strapping machines, designed specifically for the publishing industry, where high productivity is required. They are particularly suitable for the packaging of newspapers, magazines, printed matter in general.

Particularly suitable for binding of newspapers, magazines, direct-mail, they allow simple or crossed binding for different applications. Equipped with all the TP-702 series automatisms, they have the latest generation Siemens touchscreen control panel. A system of photocells automatically adapts the strapping arch to the height of the inserted pack. They can be perfectly integrated into automatic lines, with adjustable transport speed (from 10 to 60 m / min.). The front doors allow easy access to the strap reel and the strapping head which can be removed for normal inspections or maintenance without having to disconnect it.

  • Strap: P.P. 5, 6, 9 mm
  • Tension: 1-32 kg
  • Up to 31 pack/min.