Rotax S5300 Automatic Line

An automatic line for wrapping pallets of metal boxes.

Italtin, in the province of Bergamo, is an important company that produces a wide range of lithographed and customized tin boxes. The production is extremely varied and for the shipment it is necessary to wrap the pallets with stretch film in a reliable and safe way. The dimensions and shapes of the boxes are of all kinds, sometimes with rounded or pointed edges.

We needed a machine with special features, such as a press for stabilizing the load during wrapping and a variable and reliable film tensioning system in the case of light loads and with the most diverse shapes. Obviously, without neglecting the safety factor for the operators.

The study led to the choice of an automatic Rotax S5300 wrapping machine, with motorized press and pre-stretch, fully automatic controlled roller transport, choice of wrapping cycles and perimeter protection.

Being an arm wrapping machine, Rotax is particularly suitable for any type of pallet load, whether it is heavy or large or particularly unstable. Combined with the EFFE3ti motorized pre-stretch system, it ensures perfect wrapping and above all a considerable saving on consumables.

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