End of line industrial products. A full range of machines for protecting any pallet of products with stretch film: from the most easy one up to the fully automatic wrapping solution, perfect to be integrated in complex end of line systems; strapping machines for boxes and pallets; box sealing with adhesive tape; gas or electric patented thermo-shrinking ovens, etc.

Industrial automation.

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Automatic and Semi-automatic Wrapping Machines with Rotating Table

Automatic and Semi-automatic Wrapping Machines with Rotating Arm

Automatic Ovens for wrapping pallets with thermo-shrinking film. The perfect way to protect your products against the weather.

The wrapping robots are special machines. Equipped with high-efficiency batteries, are perfect for wrapping any type of pallet.

Automatic packaging lines. Packaging machines, automatic transports, protection systems, accessories. All for the end-of-line packaging.

Automatic and Semi-automatic Strapping Machines

Automatic and Semi-automatic Case Erectors and Sealing Machines