Wrapping robot with lithium battery

Doubles performance and reduces maintenance The new Oscar wrapping robot with lithium battery is available from today: greater operational flexibility and significant reduction in management costs. Lithium batteries, already widely used in a wide range of electronic devices, have been proven to offer higher energy density and longer life than traditional lead or nickel-cadmium batteries. […]

Galvanised Automatic Packaging Line

Perfect for companies that deal with food & beverage or that operate in extreme environments with high percentages of humidity or in the presence of corrosive agents. Galvanised metal limits the formation of rust and therefore protects the machine from corrosion. Galvanised wrappers, as well as the stainless steel versions, are suitable for work in […]

Rotax S5300 Automatic Line

An automatic line for wrapping pallets of metal boxes. Italtin, in the province of Bergamo, is an important company that produces a wide range of lithographed and customized tin boxes. The production is extremely varied and for the shipment it is necessary to wrap the pallets with stretch film in a reliable and safe way. […]

Spinny S350: 1 million pallets wrapped!

avvolgitore spinny a tavola

400.000 kg of stretch film saved in 6 years of hard working! The environment says thank you … and the customer saves Did you know that a motorized pre-stretch system combined with an effective electronic control can let you save a lot of money? We give you some numbers The association between a Spinny S350 […]

Maximum Stability with Spinny S300

avvolgipallet spinny

Some products on pallet, need to be stabilized more than others. The “band reduction device” allows to reach the maximum result. The wrapping machines equipped with motorized pre-stretch can have a device called “band reduction” which squeezes the stretch film until it becomes a rope. What are the benefits? In this way the film becomes […]

HighPlast Romania and Spinny Datalogger Industry 4.0

avvolgitrice fasciapallet spinny

The recent installation of a Spinny S350 Datalogger equipped with an IoT Industry 4.0 at HIGHPLAST in Romania, thanks to our partner Kangoopack, brought to the company several advantages as the project manager wanted to tell us. Before Spinny, we used to wrap our pallet with a standard 23 micron film on a core break […]

Discover the New Oscar Touch

The EFFE3ti Pallet Wrapping Robot is revolutionized! For some applications, a self-propelled wrapping machine is the best choice for wrapping pallets with stretch film. Oscar was born as a particularly versatile robot thanks to some of its characteristics that make it unique: first of all the patented traction system, which allowed us to produce a […]

6×1 – 6 Operations, 1 Operator

linea imballaggio industria 4.0

The 6X1 line allows you to manage the preparation of the product boxes from the moment they are filled up to the shipment, automatically and with the help of a single operator. The line is ready for connection to the management software and Industry 4.0 certified. Production up to 100 boxes / hour with minimum dimensions […]

Spinny S500: Quality Meets Safety

avvolgitrice spinny

Spinny is a machine with an Eclectic personality Its ease of use and its reliability make it a perfect wrapping machine to be modeled at will, choosing the features that best meet your needs. In this video Spinny S500 with safety nets and external control panel: quality meets safety! Possibilities are endless! https://youtu.be/a_y7E1BqWR0 Contact us […]

How to Choose a Wrapping Machine

A Simple Guideline Packaging is an established requirement for the protection of the product for handling, locking of unstable products arranged on pallets, protection of the product from atmospheric agents and any situation which requires the use of stretch film to wrap the product. Types of packaging are various: Effe3Ti deals mainly with wrapping, shrink in […]