Wrapping pallets with Spinny S300 makes life easier

spinny pallet wrapping machine

A powerful, reliable, maintenance-free pallet wrapper. In one word: useful. Much of the appeal of the Spinny S300 lies in its motorized film pre-stretch system, which consistently stretches the film at its best. In this way it wraps more with less, reducing pallet wrapping waste without compromising the integrity of the load. Pre-programmed settings also […]

Clean Energy by EFFE3ti

energia pulita

We’re Reducing Our CO2 Footprint EFFE3ti’s roof is transformed into a source of clean energy With a view to energy compensation and reducing the corporate impact on the environment, 2022 began in EFFE3ti with the installation and implementation of photovoltaic panels. The importance of saving and reducing waste to which EFFE3ti is particularly sensitive takes […]

How much is the pre-stretch useful?

risparmio film

Do you have doubts about the real usefulness of the pre-stretch device? Let’s take a little quiz 1 meter of non-pre-stretched film weighs 11.2 g1 meter of 200% pre-stretched film weighs 3.74 g Wrapping a pallet with 11 turns using our Oscar robot with a 200% pre-stretch consumes 181 g of stretch film.You would use […]

Wrappers: Maintenance Mission

fasciapallet spinny s350 touch

Regular maintenance of pallet wrappers is obviously important, even if our machines require little. This involves a thorough approach to the unit, ensuring it is set up correctly, treated with care, and frequently evaluated by those with the right skills. Symptoms How often do your operators complain about the machine? Are you having trouble getting […]

More and more in demand in New Zealand

The New Zealand food industry relies on Sealed Air’s packaging solutions to keep food safe and minimize waste. In the Te Rapa distribution center, where up to 70 pallets of packaging are shipped every day, the wrapping operations are entrusted to a new Spinny S140. Sealed Air is a multinational company with over 25,000 employees […]

Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage sector is one of the flagships of the Italian economy and forecasts are of great growth. The industries in the sector have evolved technologically and today offer fully automated and hyper-connected systems for the management of all packaging, labeling, filling, etc. processes. However, we must not forget the final step of […]

Covering the costs of automation

packaging line

A few simple considerations may reveal that it is time to automate processes You may think that manual wrapping is the easiest method if your company produces few pallets, but what happens when production increases and you find yourself shipping more frequently? There is no quick and clear rule that says when to switch to […]

The strength of steel

avvolgitrice inox fasciapallet

Some industrial sectors provide for the processing of products and also their final packaging in humid environments and / or in the presence of corrosive agents, sometimes even in cold rooms where temperatures reach many degrees below zero. In these extreme cases, you have to rely on special machines, able to withstand these hostile environments. […]

How to Choose a Wrapping Machine

A Simple Guideline Packaging is an established requirement for the protection of the product for handling, locking of unstable products arranged on pallets, protection of the product from atmospheric agents and any situation which requires the use of stretch film to wrap the product. Types of packaging are various: Effe3Ti deals mainly with wrapping, shrink in […]

Avoid breaking the stretch film

Regular film breaking during wrapping is often expensive and undoubtedly frustrating for companies. Before we reach the breaking point, here are some key considerations to reduce the problem – and a simple answer to permanently fix it. Know the problem Not knowing what causes the problem is very often 90% of the problem itself. Most […]