Most frequent questions and answers

EFFE3ti is a company specializing in the design and production of machines for wrapping pallets with stretch or shrink film.

The product range is wide and includes products suitable from small to large industries.

EFFE3ti produces wrapping machines with rotating table, rotating arm, wrapper robots and thermo-shrinking machines.

You can also find strapping machines, taping machines and presses for compacting waste materials.

EFFE3ti exports his products worldwide relying on authorized dealers.

We can count on dealers in France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Australia, New Zealand … and we continue expanding our markets.

Contact us to find out if we have an authorized dealer in your country.

Choosing a machine for wrapping products on pallets is often difficult. We have drawn up a short guide to help you identify the one that best suits your needs, but you can get the most appropriate answers by contacting one of our sales representatives.

We generally use a machine with rotating table when the pallet does not weight more than 1500/2000 kg. The load capacity of a rotating table has  a limit and over this limit we have to choose a different machine

We generally use a machine with rotating arm when the pallet weight is over 1500/2000 kg. But not only for that. In fact, although the table machines, especially the automatic ones, are equipped with very advanced rotation management systems, it may be right to orientate towards the rotating arm when we are in the presence of very unstable products.

We also produce Wrapping Robots. They are by no means “minor” machines, in fact they can automatically wrap the product pallet according to advanced wrapping programs. Choosing a self-propelled wrapping machine allows you to wrap your products without having to move them.

If up to now you have wrapped your pallets manually, you will have happened to do the math and realize how expensive this operation can be. We can assure you that moving to automating this process can lead to significant savings. We have written an article on the costs of manual operations that can help clear up any doubts.

When you find yourself managing an increase in production and therefore in shipments, it is important to find the right measures and switching to automation is certainly an important choice (here some suggestions).

At EFFE3ti we are constantly studying solutions to save on consumables, especially in these times where sensitivity towards the environment has assumed great importance.

One of the strengths of our company is knowing how to adapt our machines and systems to the customer’s needs.

If you have special needs or if yours is a complex project, we are sure we can solve any type of problem and we know how to provide you with the machine or system that best suits your needs.

Contact us for more information.

The greatest effort of our Research and Development department is to get to produce more and more performing and increasingly connected machines.

We have worked hard, and we are still doing it, to offer the best in terms of dialogue between our machines and the people who use them.

We design and develop 4.0 certified automatic systems and machines, we have also recently created semi-automatic machines capable of communicating with managers even remotely, receiving and sending data.

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The advanced control panels of the EFFE3ti machines allow you to create different and customizable recipes for every wrapping need.

Pre-stretch and film tension, number of turns, complex and step windings, automatic cutting, inclusion and / or exclusion of accessories.

Contact one of our technicians to find the best solution.

EFFE3ti gives up to 3 years warranty on his machines. Fate riferimento al contratto di acquisto per conoscere i terrmini.

To stay up to date on news related to our products, we recommend that you periodically visit our website.

The News page is constantly updated and contains useful articles on Products, Insights, Tips and News.

We periodically publish the Effe3ti Magazine, in web and paper, where you can find useful articles on the world of packaging, advice, insights and all the product news.

Check out our Troubleshooting page.

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please contact us immediately selecting the appropriate department (Technology and Research or Technical Assistance) and giving your machine serial number and problem details.

We can understand the problems and we can solve them. Your information is always very important in the improvement of our products.