Spinny S350: 1 million pallets wrapped!

400.000 kg of stretch film saved in 6 years of hard working!

The environment says thank you ... and the customer saves

avvolgitore a tavola

Did you know that a motorized pre-stretch system combined with an effective electronic control can let you save a lot of money?

We give you some numbers

The association between a Spinny S350 wrapping machine equipped with a motorized pre-stretch with a gear ratio of 300% and a quality stretch film, in addition to improving the stability of your products during the transport phase to your customers, can save you up to 400g of film per wrapped pallet!

Here is the evidence!

A SPINNY S350 with stabilizing top press sold in Romania (see pictures) has worked WITHOUT ANY MAINTENANCE AND WITHOUT MACHINE STOPPING FOR 6 YEARS, wrapping about 1 MILLION PALLETS and allowing a TOTAL SAVING OF STRETCH FILM OF 400,000 kg!

avvolgitore lunga durata

Reliability and savings are our keywords.

Building machines that last, with low maintenance costs, as in this case, and that allow maximum savings in consumables is our goal.

The environment will benefit and you will have the advantage of cutting costs.

EFFE3ti guarantees for 3 YEARS!