Wrapper with stabilizing Press Spinny S500 Touch

Spinny S500 Touch, rotary table wrapping machine with press to stabilize the load on pallets: Greater safety, sturdiness and quality to meet customer needs

Wrapping machine with stabilizing press: The advanced solution for pallet packaging

Spinny S500 Touch is a pallet wrapper with press that offers high wrapping quality and precise control over load stability.

The integrated press exerts a controlled force on the wrapped load, and allows for safer and more stable packaging, reducing the risk of movement during transport and minimizing the risk of shifts or falls during transport and storage.

Unlike its “sister” Spinny S300, this wrapping machine can have perimeter nets and an external control panel, making it a machine whose safety is comparable to that of an automatic wrapping machine: minimal intervention by the operator and maximum protection of his safety.

Automating the packaging process reduces the time and effort associated with manual labor. Furthermore, this machine allows you to adjust the tension of the film, reducing material waste and ensuring uniform and secure packaging.