Wrappers: Maintenance Mission

Regular maintenance of pallet wrappers is obviously important, even if our machines require little. This involves a thorough approach to the unit, ensuring it is set up correctly, treated with care, and frequently evaluated by those with the right skills.


How often do your operators complain about the machine? Are you having trouble getting the required results? Is the wrapping unsatisfactory?

Or the machine just doesn’t start …

Not starting?

Before picking up the phone, try to have a look to what happens when the machine doesn’t start, checking the most obvious things: the machine is on and the emergency button isn’t activated. You will probably need the intervention of a technician if a protection system inside the electric cabinet has activated.

Also consult the use and maintenance manual. It seems to be a matter of course, but when you are under pressure it is often one of those actions that gets overlooked.

Common causes

Damage to the machine due to haste and pressure at work is unfortunately not uncommon. Hitting the machine with the forklift can cost a lot, as well as possible operator errors.

Dirt that can get under the rotary table can cause premature wear of the support wheels and cause unwanted noises until the table rotation stops. It is important that the machine is kept clean!

Power surges can cause the protection fuses to blow, causing your wrapper to shut down.


Make sure you set a password that only the right people know. If too many people can take care of the job setups, it is easy to mess around, making the final result (a well-wrapped pallet) rather unsatisfactory.

It is a good idea to write down each setting for different types of loads so that they can be easily reset if things go wrong.

It is not possible to reset everything over the phone, so we often have to send someone on site to fix such a problem.

fasciapallet spinny touch screen


Protect people and your machine with a safety system. Use proper fencing, light barriers and all the appropriate processes in order to protect the most important resources of your company and avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Of course, the solution is not always simple. That’s why our service department is always ready to help when things go wrong.

You can ask for service through our Website, send us an email or call us anytime!

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