Suggestions for the care and maintenance of your wrapping machine with rotating table

High quality components and modern technology offer the highest standard in packaging. That’s anyway your invested money and you will agree that it’ll be necessary to take care of your machinery.
Here some suggestions for an easy maintenance of your rotating table wrapping machine Spinny: few things that will make your investment last for long.


Distribution centres, logistics and locations in your company where the wrapping process takes place are often dirty and dusty. Always avoid dust to accumulate around your wrapping machine: this can be the first cause of problems and damage.

Keeping your wrapping machine clean is something like a “common sense” operation.


Even the most simple Spinny model is thought to last, designed in conformity with all the safety measures and built using the best components available on the market, but there are some parts of the machine that work more than others.

Keep an eye, for example, to the table rotation system, making sure the tension of the belt is always correct; periodically check the wear of the table supporting wheels, make sure that the lifting belt connected with the carrier is ok, check the wear of the sliding wheels of the carrier.

Having always the Use and Maintenance Manual at hand is a good attitude. In chapter 6, dedicated to the maintenance, you can also find the recommended replacement times for components subject to wear.


The right training can give the operator tranquillity and safety. He knows what to check and when to do it. Once a month can normally be enough.

New and unformed personnel can unintentionally cause machine problems: the kind of problems that an experienced operator can easily avoid.

EFFE3ti organises training days for its technicians and authorised dealers, but a bit of attention can really make the difference.

In conclusion

You don’t need to make a daily check of the machine and you don’t need to clean up even the smallest parts of it, but a regular check of the components subject to wear should become an attitude … just to prevent a small problem from turning into a big one.

In any case, our Technical Department is always at your disposal.