JumboLoadBaler – Automatic Press

Ideal for supermarkets and department stores, the JumboLoadBaler allows for high profitability.

Large opening for loading material (2250x1085x1700 mm), high efficiency thanks to pre-compression (2 bales per hour), compact design and choice of 3 loading options.

The material is inserted into the loading opening, an oscillating arm pushes the material towards the rotor which conveys it towards the compaction chamber. Once ready, the bale is tied manually and ejected via the hydraulic ejector.

Suitable for compacting cardboard, film, octabins, empty PET bottles and cans, it produces directly marketable bales of approximately 400kg (800x1200x100 mm).


  • Power supply: 400 V – 50 Hz
  • Loading opening: 2250 x 1085 x 1700 mm
  • Bale weight: 400 kg
  • Bale dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 1100 mm


  • Paper, cardboard, PET, cans, film

3 loading options

Easy to use

Reduces volumes up to 90%

Stability and long life

Small footprints

Savings in warehouse and transport costs