Spinny S300-TP Semi-automatic Wrapping Machine

With cut-out table for pallet truck

1- or 2-motors PRE-STRETCH system

Anti-fall system on the reel carriage

spinny fasciapallet

Electronic control panel

Customizable wrapping programs

spinny fasciapallet con tavola per transpallet

Cut-out table for pallet truck

Variable rotating table and film carrier speeds

Pallet height detected by photocell

Standard wrapping height
Load capacity kg
Up to 3 years warranty

Product stability ensured

Extremely easy to install and use

Minimum maintenance required


Table diameter increased

Smart touch control panel

Load capacity up to 2000 kg

...and much more

packaging made in italy


Pallet wrapping machine equipped with motorized pre-stretch (in the version with 1 or 2 motors) for the film tension, which allows the maximum saving of consumables (up to 400%).

With a production capacity suitable for medium-sized companies, the Spinny S300 is an extremely robust pallet wrapping machine, requires extremely low maintenance and is easy to use.


  • Rotating table diameter 1500 mm, 1650 mm, 1800 mm, 2200 mm; load up to 2000 kg
  • Distance between column and rotating table 500 mm
  • Winding height 2100 mm, 2600 mm, 3100 mm detected by photocell
  • Table rotation regulated by inverter
  • Table stop position controlled by sensor
  • Variable speed of the film carrier
  • Film carrier fall prevention system
  • Work cycles controlled by PLC and electronic board