Save stretch film up to 400%

A great feeling to take a step forward in your work and realize you are saving even if you have increased your performance!

A sensation that can be experienced by choosing our MOTORIZED PRE-STRETCH.

Available for practically the whole range of table or rotating arm wrapping machines, it is the best solution to save stretch film and… IT PAYS FOR ITSELF!

All the semi-automatic and automatic wrapping machines, starting from the S300 model, are equipped with a high-performance MOTORIZED PRE-STRETCH, a special device that ensures optimized use of the stretch film and also allows the wrapping of LIGHT and UNSTABLE products, which would be impossible to wrap with a tension system with mechanical or electromagnetic brake.
The film is dispensed in the right quantity by motorized rollers controlled by an electronic system that measures the speed and keeps the film under tension over the entire surface of the product. The motorized pre-stretch ensures a variable elongation up to 300%.

The DUAL MOTOR version is designed to give even more!

Based on the same principles as the single motor version, the DUAL MOTOR version offers variable film stretch of up to 400%!

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