Load Stability

Load loss during the transport of goods is a problem that should not be underestimated.​

There is the EN 12195-1 norm which sets the rules for the safety of the transported load, yet accidents of this type are not that rare.

The danger exists for professional transport on trucks and articulated vehicles, but also on vans and cars. Every time we transport goods we find ourselves in a risky situation: under certain conditions the load can slip, tilt, detach from the vehicle and hit people and things around the vehicle. The case history of accidents due to load movement is very vast.

In addition to this, the cost in terms of money and the damage to the image of the company that sent goods badly anchored to the pallet should not be underestimated.

What can be done?

First, of course, it must be ensured that the norm is fully respected. Secondly, we must be sure that the products on our pallets are perfectly stable and anchored, so as to minimize the risk of overturning even in the event of an accident.


The rope-reduction technique for wrapping products on pallets makes it possible to obtain maximum resistance from the stretch film and to anchor the goods to the pallet with great effectiveness and with lower costs than with other systems.

In this way the resistance to overturning or slipping becomes very high and allows to reach high inclinations without the goods moving.

stabilità carico

EFFE3ti’s motorized pre-stretch features a film reduction device and the wrapping machines of the Spinny S350, S500, S2300 and Rotax S3350 and S5300 series can be equipped and programmed to perform complex wrapping cycles, in order to obtain maximum stability .

stabilità carico

Safety and tranquility

Confidently ship your products, ensure positive image return, save money, avoid damage.

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