Giving a Cut to the Stretch Film

Improving machines and increasing safety

A very careful eye on improving working conditions is one of the main features of EFFE3ti’s Research and Development department.

If in the division of automatic packaging lines and systems we constantly work in search of increasingly better and performing components, the development of easy-to-use and maximum performance programs and the introduction of better functions, as per the division of semi-automatic machines we certainly do not remain still.

Aware that a semi-automatic wrapping machine is a machine that requires human presence during the packaging cycle and by carefully observing the habits of the operators, the Research and Development department works to find solutions to make work as less tiring and less dangerous as possible.

As in the case of the “AutoCut” module mounted on the film holder which, in addition to making the cycle more fluid and less demanding, among other things prevents the operator from having to keep a cutter in his pocket to be able to cut the film at the end of the wrapping.

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