Spinny S500 Datalogger

Evolution 4.0

The Internet of Things, universally known as IOT, is increasingly important to companies of all sizes.

In the corporate reality we are increasingly grappling with the need to move data of all kinds.

Control workflows, employee tasks, automate the processes, keep the production phases under control, manage errors and problems, produce statistics.

All this makes it necessary to use more and more connected machines, which know how to return all the data we need properly organized.

In its evolution, our eclectic SPINNY has reached an almost unusual working autonomy for a machine that is defined as “semi-automatic”.

Without upsetting its characteristic adaptability, ease of use and reliability, we have created an evolution capable of providing users with everything they need to project themselves into the world of Industry 4.0.

To the automatic cutting, stapling and welding of the film we have added the ability to take images of the pallet being processed, acquire its volume and weight and transmit all the data in real time to a software on the Cloud or to the management system.

The possibilities are endless. Come and visit us or ask for more information!

avvolgitore industria 4.0
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