Will your wrapping machine last a long time?

Advice for the care and maintenance of your wrapping machine with rotating table

High quality components and modern engineering offer the highest standards in packaging equipment. However, this is money invested and you will certainly agree that you need to take care of the purchased goods.

Here are some tips for easy maintenance of your Spinny rotating table wrapping machine: a few tricks to make your investment last over time.


The distribution centers and the points of the company where packaging is carried out are sometimes dirty and dusty places. Always avoid dirt accumulating around your wrapping machine because it could end up inside it causing annoying downtime, difficulty in rotating the table or even annoying breakages.

Keeping your wrapping machine away from the points where dust is produced is an operation that we can define as “common sense”.


Even the simplest Spinny model is built to last, designed with all safety regulations in mind and built with the best components, but some components naturally do more work than others.

For example, keep an eye on the table rotation system, making sure that the belt tension is always correct; check the wear of the table support wheels, make sure that the lifting belt of the film holder trolley is in good condition, check the wear of the sliding wheels of the trolley.

Always having the use and maintenance manual at hand is a good habit. In chapter 6, dedicated to maintenance, you will also find indications on the recommended replacement times for components subject to wear.


With the right training, the machine operator can work peacefully knowing what to check and when to do it. Even once a month is enough. New and untrained personnel can unintentionally cause machine problems – the kind of problems an experienced operator can easily avoid.

EFFE3ti organizes training days for its technicians and authorized dealers, but a pinch of attention from the operator can make a real difference.

In conclusion

It is not necessary that you do a daily check of your machine or that you start cleaning up to the smallest detail, but it is good that a regular inspection of the components most subject to wear becomes a habit … to avoid a small problem can turn into a big one.