Wrapping pallets with Spinny S300 makes life easier

A powerful, reliable, maintenance-free pallet wrapper. In one word: useful.

Much of the appeal of the Spinny S300 lies in its motorized film pre-stretch system, which consistently stretches the film at its best. In this way it wraps more with less, reducing pallet wrapping waste without compromising the integrity of the load.

Pre-programmed settings also make wrapping different types of loads a breeze. This makes the S300 pallet wrapper ideal for unstable loads and especially for very light and delicate products.

A light touch that the Spinny S300 delivers perfectly, every time.

Products can be protected quickly and efficiently in the shortest time possible, with minimum energy and maximum effectiveness. For small and medium-sized food producers, for example, this can make a big difference in terms of labor costs and product returns.

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