HighPlast Romania and Spinny Datalogger Industry 4.0

The recent installation of a Spinny S350 Datalogger equipped with an IoT Industry 4.0 at HIGHPLAST in Romania, thanks to our partner Kangoopack, brought to the company several advantages as the project manager wanted to tell us.

Before Spinny, we used to wrap our pallet with a standard 23 micron film on a core break machine.

The choice to switch to a Spinny S350 was determined by the need of having an efficient machine that would allow us to save costs, so we opted for the high-performance motorised pre-stretch system which, combined with a high quality stretch film, allows us to save a lot of consumables.

Spinny is also famous for being an easy to use machine that requires very little maintenance.

Another advantage over the previous situation is represented by the choice of a “TP” model, which thanks to the open turntable allows us direct access to the center of the working area with a trans pallet, therefore a very easy loading of the product.

The touch-screen control panel with 10 fully customisable programs is very easy to use and the Datalogger model connects directly with the management system, sending reports on the performance of the machine in real time. Perfectly in line with our Industry 4.0 needs.

The Spinny+Film combination has made us take great strides in our work and, pleasantly surprised, the 4.0 system provides us with reports and control over the work that even go beyond expectations!

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