New wrapper. Is it time to change?

It can be hard to know, sometimes it seems "normal" to have to struggle with timeouts and interruptions every day.

EFFE3ti has been manufacturing machines for a long time and is a company that stands out for the long life of its products and for the little maintenance they require over time.

But even the most durable machines have their own life cycle and sooner or later the time comes when they need to be replaced to protect us from production delays due to breakdowns and maintenance or to switch to more updated and safer models.

Some things should not be underestimated.


Working with an old machine, which complies with old safety measures, is definitely inadvisable and can sometimes become dangerous for the staff.

If it is not equipped with the most up-to-date safety devices, such as barriers and interlock switches, and needs intervention to be updated to the most recent ones, it is better to replace it because it may not be worth investing in the upgrades … and over time it becomes even impossible to do so .

Electronic and Maintenance

A machine that often needs maintenance and repairs is the one that need to be substituted. Maybe it could last a little longer, but the end is near and it’s worth thinking about in time.

Warehouses and distribution centres are tough places for a machine to live, with plenty of activities and often a lot of dust and debris. This certainly causes damages over time.

If your machine is more than 15 years old and has issues (such as closing systems or safety devices that are not working, pre-stretch problems, damaged components) is time to change it.

But there’s more.

Spare Parts

It happens that certain spare parts are decommissioned over time. It can happen for major reasons, for example parts that are no longer supplied to the manufacturer, or thanks to improvements made to functionality or safety.

Acquiring a new machine can avoid wasting time, costs and frustration in research and assistance.


As sales and shipments increase, older technologies often can’t keep up. If the machine is too slow we risk bottlenecks in distribution. Producing a lot and then being slowed down due to the slowness in preparing the products for shipment: minutes become hours and hours become days, causing significant losses.

A new machine is always safer and more performing.

An old wrapping machine will cause money in delays and repairs.

EFFE3ti produces machines with rotating arm, rotating table and wrapping robots that are compliant with the most recent European safety norms.

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