Avoid breaking the stretch film

Regular film breaking during wrapping is often expensive and undoubtedly frustrating for companies.

Before we reach the breaking point, here are some key considerations to reduce the problem – and a simple answer to permanently fix it.

Know the problem

Not knowing what causes the problem is very often 90% of the problem itself. Most of the time the reports of rupture of the stretch film are the result of imprecise experiments or “quick fixes”. Pallet wrapping machine operators don’t have the time to check and troubleshoot.

Assemble the load

It is estimated that around 30% of all failures are due to the load profile. These risks arise from the load on the pallet which can exert pressure during transport: sharp angles can puncture and tear the wrapping film.
Training employees on proper load assembly certainly helps reduce this problem.

Balance the tension

Often the first instinct when breaking the film is to lower the tension on the machine or increase the amount of turns used when wrapping by hand.
Both can be expensive approaches. No company wants to spend more on pallet coating. Similarly, reducing the film tension simply displaces the problem with possible product damage caused by an unstable pallet.

Use the right equipment

We saw in another article what the results of hand wrapping are. You can try to circumvent the problem by minimizing the risks, but equipment sealing problems, incorrect adjustments or component problems account for 40% of film breaking problems.
Make sure your equipment is used in the right way and that maintenance is regular.

Use the appropriate stretch film

Not all stretch films are the same and 20% of breakage problems are due to construction defects or the use of unsuitable films. Attention to consumables reduces risks.

The search for new materials, the evolution of existing ones, the multi-layer structure of the new stretch films, nanotechnologies now offer possibilities that were unthinkable a few years ago, leading to the production of extremely stretch and incredibly resistant films.

Using less film and better packaging without breakage is the best result for all companies and is the daily research effort at EFFE3ti.

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