Baling Presses

Optimize waste management in the company

Packaging waste and waste in general are often considered a burden in the business economy. Their strategic management, however, can reduce costs and free up resources to be reinvested in growth. In fact, simplifying the treatment of waste can make the difference in the economy of the company.

Waste balers allow you to compress paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, etc. The materials are pressed inside the machine and transformed into bales which are tied manually or with automatic systems, taking up little space and facilitating storage.

A press allows waste to be differentiated immediately: once out of the press, the waste is ready for collection.

riciclo scarti

Vertical baling presses

These waste balers are very efficient machines that take up little space. They can be easily installed without sacrificing operational space and are the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses. They are available with single and multi-chamber; the latter allow to obtain bales of different materials using the same machine.

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Large quantities of waste

For companies that have to handle large quantities of material, there are fully automatic waste balers, such as the AutoLoadBaler, ideal for department stores and supermarkets, and the BaleTainer, for large volumes.

The main features of these balers are the great power and effectiveness combined with the ability to tie the bale in a completely automatic way.


Special needs

For companies that have to deal with expanded polystyrene in large quantities, there are machines that grind this material and compact it into briquettes that can be stacked on a pallet and then sent directly for the recycling process. Presses like CutCompact allow you to automate this process easily and safely.

pressa per polistirolo

If, on the other hand, you find yourself having to treat plastic bottles that must first be emptied, LiquiDrainer, made entirely of stainless steel, is the perfect solution.

The importance of an advice

The subject of waste recovery is very topical and there are rules that regulate it.

Every company has its own particular needs and it is important to approach suppliers who have experience in this field to find the right solutions.

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