Datalogger: Industry 4.0

For us at Effe3ti, evolution and growth are fundamental and we have always invested a significant part of our profits in Research and Development.

More flexible production, greater productivity and the development of new business models are now possible thanks to digital solutions. But the future offers further potential: cutting-edge technologies available to industries, to meet the specific needs of their customers.

In the era of connected machines, where everything must be monitored, we have applied INDUSTRY 4.0 technology to our systems to ensure high value, reliability and the possibility of total control. The lines for the management of boxes and the automatic packaging lines for loading units on pallets are equipped with all the necessary tools to be able to be connected to our customers’ WMS management software and to exchange all the data necessary for the process.

industry 4.0 packaging
packaging 4.0

Spinny S350 and S500 Datalogger

For the most demanding customers, who deem it necessary to monitor even the simplest machines and improve every step of their production, we have developed DATALOGGER, the tool that allows the control of SPINNY S350 and SPINNY S500 wrapping machines by connecting them to the Effe3ti Secure Cloud, a simple tool to activate, to use and absolutely safe.

  • No installation needed.
  • Software always updated thanks to the Cloud.
  • Available from any connected device.
  • Data relating to each packaged load unit, continuously updated.
  • Remote control of film consumption, process time, alarms, machine downtime, errors …
    All with a simple tool that can be activated from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

The purpose of Datalogger is to allow all those involved in the production process to have total control over the machines, their position within the departments and the type of work performed. The monitored data is transmitted in total safety from the machine to the cloud via a normal internet connection. No special configurations are required: just connect the machine to a Web service.

The potential of the service is manifold and can revolutionize the commercial relationships between producer, distributor and final customer.

For example, think of being able to provide machines on free loan by charging only for consumption. The system has no limits.

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