The new Datalogger 2 for Industry 4.0

effe3ti touch screen

The EFFE3ti system for Industry 4.0, designed and developed to collect the data produced by new machines with the latest generation control panel in real time on a Cloud platform. With the new Datalogger 2, the data is collected, processed and shared to monitor production, performance, consumption, machine status and produce statistics. PRODUCTIVITY MONITOR CONSUMPTION […]

Wrapping robot with lithium battery

Doubles performance and reduces maintenance The new Oscar wrapping robot with lithium battery is available from today: greater operational flexibility and significant reduction in management costs. Lithium batteries, already widely used in a wide range of electronic devices, have been proven to offer higher energy density and longer life than traditional lead or nickel-cadmium batteries. […]

Wrapper with stabilizing Press Spinny S500 Touch

Spinny S500 Touch, rotary table wrapping machine with press to stabilize the load on pallets: Greater safety, sturdiness and quality to meet customer needs Wrapping machine with stabilizing press: The advanced solution for pallet packaging Spinny S500 Touch is a pallet wrapper with press that offers high wrapping quality and precise control over load stability. […]

Wrapper with stabilizing press

Rotary Table Wrapper with Press to Stabilize Pallet Load: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Industrial Packaging The Advanced Solution for Pallet Packaging Packaging loads on pallets is a crucial aspect for companies aiming to ensure protection, stability, and efficiency during transportation and storage. To simplify and enhance this process, an increasing number of companies are […]

Passion EFFE3ti

EFFE3ti is also involved in sports and sponsors the X-Team cycling team We know very well what passion is: it moves us every day and pushes us to design and produce ever better solutions for product protection. And we passionately support sport, because we know that it helps young people grow up healthy, strong and […]

Galvanised Automatic Packaging Line

Perfect for companies that deal with food & beverage or that operate in extreme environments with high percentages of humidity or in the presence of corrosive agents. Galvanised metal limits the formation of rust and therefore protects the machine from corrosion. Galvanised wrappers, as well as the stainless steel versions, are suitable for work in […]

Load Stability

stabilità carico

Load loss during the transport of goods is a problem that should not be underestimated.​ There is the EN 12195-1 norm which sets the rules for the safety of the transported load, yet accidents of this type are not that rare. The danger exists for professional transport on trucks and articulated vehicles, but also on […]

Wrapping pallets with Spinny S300 makes life easier

spinny pallet wrapping machine

A powerful, reliable, maintenance-free pallet wrapper. In one word: useful. Much of the appeal of the Spinny S300 lies in its motorized film pre-stretch system, which consistently stretches the film at its best. In this way it wraps more with less, reducing pallet wrapping waste without compromising the integrity of the load. Pre-programmed settings also […]

Rotax S5300 Automatic Line

An automatic line for wrapping pallets of metal boxes. Italtin, in the province of Bergamo, is an important company that produces a wide range of lithographed and customized tin boxes. The production is extremely varied and for the shipment it is necessary to wrap the pallets with stretch film in a reliable and safe way. […]

Quick Guide Packaging

EFFE3ti quick guide packaging

Our production at a glance with this quick guide that you can view online or save to your computer. Discover our wrapping machines for products on pallet, shrinking ovens, stainless steel special machines, Industry 4.0 packaging lines. Contact us for more information!