Quick Guide Packaging

quick guide packaging

Our production at a glance with this quick guide that you can view online or save to your computer. Discover our wrapping machines for products on pallet, shrinking ovens, stainless steel special machines, Industry 4.0 packaging lines. Contact us for more information!

Spinny S350: 1 million pallets wrapped!

avvolgitore spinny a tavola

400.000 kg of stretch film saved in 6 years of hard working! The environment says thank you … and the customer saves Did you know that a motorized pre-stretch system combined with an effective electronic control can let you save a lot of money? We give you some numbers The association between a Spinny S350 […]

Spinny S500 Datalogger

fasciapallet industria 4.0

Evolution 4.0 The Internet of Things, universally known as IOT, is increasingly important to companies of all sizes. In the corporate reality we are increasingly grappling with the need to move data of all kinds. Control workflows, employee tasks, automate the processes, keep the production phases under control, manage errors and problems, produce statistics. All […]

Pack Show 2022, Bucharest

Pack Show 2022 Bucharest comes with an innovative concept that emphasizes the current trend and the need to involve companies in the production and supply of environmentally friendly packaging, as well as equipment adapted to current requirements. #EFFE3ti shows its best machines thanks to #Kangoopack  Some pictures of the fair here below.

Eclectic Spinny – New Spot

avvolgimento prodotti su pallet

One machine, many customizations Spinny S140, Spinny S300, Spinny S350 are available in different versions and with many customizations that allow you to create a wrapping machine exactly as you would like it. https://youtu.be/kEP6Z0jAkm0

Maximum Stability with Spinny S300

avvolgipallet spinny

Some products on pallet, need to be stabilized more than others. The “band reduction device” allows to reach the maximum result. The wrapping machines equipped with motorized pre-stretch can have a device called “band reduction” which squeezes the stretch film until it becomes a rope. What are the benefits? In this way the film becomes […]

HighPlast Romania and Spinny Datalogger Industry 4.0

avvolgitrice fasciapallet spinny

The recent installation of a Spinny S350 Datalogger equipped with an IoT Industry 4.0 at HIGHPLAST in Romania, thanks to our partner Kangoopack, brought to the company several advantages as the project manager wanted to tell us. Before Spinny, we used to wrap our pallet with a standard 23 micron film on a core break […]

Discover the New Oscar Touch

The EFFE3ti Pallet Wrapping Robot is revolutionized! For some applications, a self-propelled wrapping machine is the best choice for wrapping pallets with stretch film. Oscar was born as a particularly versatile robot thanks to some of its characteristics that make it unique: first of all the patented traction system, which allowed us to produce a […]

More and more in demand in New Zealand

The New Zealand food industry relies on Sealed Air’s packaging solutions to keep food safe and minimize waste. In the Te Rapa distribution center, where up to 70 pallets of packaging are shipped every day, the wrapping operations are entrusted to a new Spinny S140. Sealed Air is a multinational company with over 25,000 employees […]

Wrap and weigh the pallet

avvolgitrice a braccio

Rotax, automatic wrapping machine with rotating arm with platform for weighing the pallet. Watch the video. https://youtu.be/nGocMh8Xy2M Contact us for more information Click here